How does Paleo diet work?

05 Feb

How does Paleo diet work? You ve most likely come across the term Paleo Diet several times and wondered exactly what it is that Paleolithic age people ate? Let s shed some light on the standard facets of the modern-day Paleo Diet, and provide you with essential details about its crucial benefits and drawbacks. What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet recommends eating like our very early forefathers. It is focused on consuming just those foods that existed prior to the Neolithic or Agricultural Transformation, which took place some 10,000 years before. That is why it is commonly called the caveman diet. Advocates of this diet claim that our bodies are genetically set to consume plants and meat like our Paleolithic forefathers did, and that the Paleo Diet is in fact human being’s natural biological diet. Also known as Stone Age or Warrior Diet, the strategy of Paleo diet is based upon a basic rule: Eat exactly what the Neolithic people ate. How does the Paleo diet work? The Paleo Diet

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